THE HOME:  Gregory Austin Glaude, a native Washingtonian, grew up most of his life in life in Maryland with his parents, Phyllis and William C. Glaude and two older siblings, Kristina and Stephen. Always interested in art, he enjoyed drawing classes at Archbishop Carroll HS, studied at MD Institute College of Art in Baltimore and finished his Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts at the Corcoran School of Art, now George Washington University where he studied Graphic Design and Illustration. 

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: After graduation, he worked in several local television stations and advertising agencies where developed his skills as a graphic designer. 

TRAGEDY STRUCK:  During the early years of his career in 1983, while leaving a nightclub, he was in a tragic car accident as a pedestrian when he and two other friends were stuck by a car travelling 65mph, which took the life of one and hospitalized the other with both legs broken and multiple injuries. By a miracle of God, Gregory was thrown over 40-50 yards down the road but survived without a broken bone, but still suffered the mental anguish of losing his close friend and indulged heavily in drugs and alcohol.

BORN AGAIN: Years later, 1997, Gregory gave his life to Christ and was baptized in the Christian faith. Three years later he became a Bible studies teacher and realized that he had to “walk the talk” he was teaching about, so he quit drinking, drugs and smoking. 

CANCER: However, six years later, in 2006, doctors discovered that he had a cancerous tumor under the base of his tongue and underwent 30 radiation treatments, 8 chemo treatments and finally 4 days of surgical implants (see photo) and radiation seeding. From the time he heard the news from his wife, “The doctor said “You have cancer.” Gregory always believed that he would not only survive, but he was going to kill the cancer. “Cancer’s not killing me! I’m killing it!” he used to say.

He always remained positive even during the most grueling times of treatment and enduring third degree burns from the radiation. He and his wife, Minerva, prayed every day that they would survive this ordeal. 


CANCER STRIKES AGAIN: In September 2008, two years after Gregory finished his cancer treatment, it was discovered after a routine PET scan there was something that “showed up” and a biopsy proved that his cancer had returned. Since his doctors do not do head and neck radiation a second time, he was sent to the National Institute of Health (NIH) where they would see if they could treat him under a special protocol. For two months Gregory was seen by practically every E.N.T., dentist, brain surgeon and other specialist, who, all had to approve him for treatment. During a visit with some dear friends of his wife, the couple casually mentioned; “You two are going through something and you just haven’t told us…” Gregory looked at his wife and asked if she had told them. She replied “No.”. When they revealed that his cancer had returned, the husband said immediately: “We going to anoint you right now and pray over you for your healing.” They anointed him and all laid hands on him in prayer. Four days later, Gregory was scheduled for a biopsy at NIH. Right before the procedure he told his doctors: “Don’t be surprised!” Doctor: “What do you mean?” Gregory: “My wife and I have prayed about this and God has healed me!” Doctors: “Oh… We’re glad you’re thinking positive!” Gregory: “No. I am not thinking positive. I am telling you what has happened and God’s healed me!”… The doctors had Gregory in a “routine biopsy”, that should have taken a half an hour, in for two hours and could not find any cancer! Gregory is still healed of cancer to this day.

Praise God in Christ Jesus!!

HOSPITAL VISITATIONS: Since his treatment, Gregory has visited local hospitals’ cancer treatment departments simply to pray with the patients to encourage them and inspire them to keep fighting. He remembers one young girl who told him “I’m not sure if I believe, but I can certainly tell that you do and that encourages me.”

VOLUNTEER CHAPLAIN: In 2011, Gregory became a Volunteer Chaplain at Laurel Regional Hospital and specifically meets with the mental health patients to share his testimonies of how God has SAVED HIS LIFE and has given him many chances and that God has never given up on him because of the LOVE that HE HAS FOR US ALL. 

PRISON MINISTRY: In 2011 Gregory also started visiting the maximum security prison in Cumberland, MD, North Branch Correctional Institution (N.B.C.I.), where he and other church members visit every third Saturday of the month to conduct Bible Studies and have Worship Service. He and his friends have developed some very powerful and meaningful relationships with the men as they minister to the brother there. The Bible says in Matthew 25:36 “ I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.”

We believe in spreading the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Savior. Every time we leave the prison, we feel as if we have received more than we gave. It is a great blessing in our lives to visit with the men. Gregory remembers his first visit to the prison where he heard his dear friend and elder in the prison, Martin F. Scott say to the congregation: “I’ve been in prison for over 30 years and I hope to get out one day, but if I don’t, I know who my Lord and Savior is…” Gregory has never forgotten those words. These men could teach us all a thing or two about “Brotherly Love” and “Thinking Positive”. Amen. 

THINK POSITIVE: The “think positive” “You Can Do It!” brand was created and developed by Gregory Austin Glaude in an effort to help change the way people view their situations, circumstances and life in general. The concept of “think positive” “You Can Do It!” Is not just a “message” but a “DIRECTIVE”. When we look at every situation and think of “positive outcomes” then we will act in a manner that will bring about “positive outcomes”. 

Imagine the impact we can have on our community, our environment and our world by presenting a positive message and encouraging people to simply… “think positive”

-Gregory Austin Glaude 2017